Antenatal term dates 2022
April 18th - May 23rd (June/July/Aug due dates)
*Further dates TBC due to maternity leave*

Mamas Antenatal

6 Week Course

£180p couple

1:1 £200p couple

Mamas Antenatal is an evidence based, comprehensive antenatal education course for pregnant women and their birth partners. It has been devised by midwives, and is up to date, extensive and delivered in a relaxed environment. 

Uniquely to Mamas Can, we include Hypnobirthing as part of our standard Antenatal course.

Over the 6 weeks we will cover:

- The stages of labour

- The role of hormones in labour and birth

- Pain relief and variations from the norm

- Hypnobirthing

- Partner techniques, positioning and breathing techniques for labour

- Infant feeding (in all its forms)

- Practical care of a newborn baby

This course is ideal for first time families, but will be useful no matter if this is your first, second or even fifth baby. 

Mamas Antenatal Bespoke

One off or book as many sessions as you like.

£35/2 hours

A 2 hour session face to face or over Zoom, designed around your needs. Whether you don't have time for a full antenatal course, or just have specific questions, this is completely tailored to your needs. 

Choose from the following topics:

- Stages of labour                                       - Hormones in labour

- Pain relief                                                  - Variations from normal birth

- Infant feeding                                            - Hypnobirthing basics

- Massage, movement, positions and breathing for labour & birth

 Or choose your own topic. 

Mamas Hypnobirthing

8 Hour Weekend Course

£150p couple

Suitable from 26 weeks pregnant

Hypnobirthing is not just for those who want to achieve a "natural" birth. It is a set of tools and techniques that will enable you to steer the course of your birth, ensuring you play an active role in your birth and putting you in calm control over the decisions along the way.

This comprehensive course will provide you with everything that you need to achieve a positive birth. We cover all aspects of breathing techniques for the different stages of labour, relaxation and visualisation techniques, massage and positioning for birth as well as education around the hormones involved in labour, birth physiology and pain relief.

This course also includes a digital pack to support your home preparation for birth.

*Please enquire to book*

Mamas Infant Feeding

4 Hour Workshop

£60p couple

Saturdays, monthly.

Mamas Infant Feeding workshop is a comprehensive overview of all things feeding related, breast, bottle, cup and beyond. During this course you will learn both practical skills and gain an education around infant feeding. We will cover:

- Feeding requirements for newborns

- Hunger cues

- Types of formula and bottle options

- How the breast works to make milk

- Colostrum harvesting and feeding in the early days

- How to achieve a good latch

- Where to find support locally

- How to tell if feeding is, or is not going well

- Signs of readiness for weaning

- Weaning strategies to avoid fussy eating

This course includes time for short breaks. 

Suitable for expectant parents and parents with young babies.

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