Mammas Baby Massage

5 Week Course


Birth - Sitting up

Mammas Baby Massage is a progressive course where you will learn how to massage a different part of baby's body each week, leading up to being able to complete a full body massage. 

We are age appropriate, baby led and responsive to their cues, starting off gently and adding in some sensory time and basic baby yoga moves as the course progresses, when they are able to handle more stimulation. 

Baby massage is a fantastic way to bond with your baby while learning to ease symptoms of common baby complaints such as teething, colic and indigestion. It is proven to improve baby sleep, reduce crying and also supports baby's body awareness and integration of their senses. 

We combine this with a topic of discussion each week. 

The topics we will cover are:

- Colic/Reflux

- Infant sleep

- Post natal recovery 

- Baby safety

Mammas Baby Yoga

5 Week Course


4m - Crawling

Mammas Baby Yoga is a lively class incorporating gentle stretching and movement for babies with plenty of songs and some sensory play. 

Baby Yoga is age appropriate to support the emerging skills of sitting up and crawling, as well as developing baby's crucial skills including coordination, body awareness, strength, balance and spacial awareness.

Babies of this age love movement. They are discovering themselves as well as other babies and this class aids in introducing them to new sensations and early socialising. 

Mammas Sing Along Sign and Sensory - *COMING SOON*

4 Week Block



Sitting up - pre walking

Mammas Sing Along Sign and Sensory does what it says on the tin! At this age babies are little explorers and this class indulges their curiosity for the world with games such as 'What's in the box?' as well as songs, parachutes, twinkly lights, bubbles, puppets and lots more, all while teaching you British Sign Language for baby signing. 

The aim at this stage is to stimulate and entertain baby, which will hopefully result in a happy baby, a nice long nap and a break for mum!